Nico Haemhouts

Nico Haemhouts Enterprise UI & Web Developer

D3: A Flowing Area Chart With Thresholds.

A flowing area chart using D3.js. It has two thresholds and is updated with random data every 500ms to simulate live streaming data. It adapts its width and height to the element it is applied to, but it isn't responsive (yet).Continue »

JavaScript: Accessing Nested Object Properties Using a String.

A simple JavaScript function to read the nested property values on an object using a string as the path to the property.Continue »

Affix and stack elements on scroll.

A simple javascript to stack elements at the top of the screen when the user scrolls.Continue »

Cross-Domain AJAX with Tomcat and jQuery

How to setup your Tomcat for Cross-Domain AJAX and how to deal with the Internet Explorer gotchas in IE8 and IE9 using jQuery.Continue »

Limit the number of lines in a TextArea

This limits the number of lines of any textarea that has the attribute 'data-limit-rows' set to 'true'.Continue »